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Berlusconi & Co.

Carlo Vizzinii has summoned me for 10 June to explain the three “Clean up Parliament” popular initiative laws. I will do that in the Constitutional Affairs Committee. I do not let go, you do not give up and almost 2 years after the collection of 350,000 signatures, a step forward has been taken. It will be a simple speech: convicts have to be expelled from parliament, anyone who has been elected for two terms of office cannot be re-elected, the citizens must be able to choose their candidates. Unless they appeal to the Privacy Authority to not have it recorded, it will be broadcast on live TV. The next step is the presentation of the law in the Senate.
The number of convicts has gone up since the beginning of the legislature. There were 18 and now there are 20. I have lost count of how many there are under investigation, who have been statute-barred, with convictions at the first or second level. Parliament is the last stand to avoid ending up in prison. The Lodo Alfano has saved the psycho-dwarf from a conviction for corruption. Others, like Cuffaro and Dell’Utri, sentenced to 14 years between them at the first level, are parliamentarians because of trial merits. Then again still others, like D’Alema, take advantage of the space shield offered by the Italian and European parliaments so as to avoid being interrogated by Ms Forleo.
If you put a rotten apple into a box, with time, all the apples go rotten. The boxes of the Lower and Upper Houses are full of rotten apples and it is difficult not to get contaminated. The worm makes progress by buying you with money and with intimidation. Seven people have appointed 993 deputies and senators. Every party secretary has done his own closed list of faithful people, of lawyers, arselickers and sluts. Parliament is illegal, unconstitutional, immoral. The rotten apples have infected the country. They have hypnotised it with information.
Employment is collapsing and there are 3 to 5 people a day who are dying at work and the one leading the country swears he has not had a steamy relationship with a minor, confiscates the photos of topless girls and the nude Czech premier Topolanek as guests in his Villa. He offers a cruise for the people displaced by the earthquake. He attacks the magistracy, he attacks Gandus. And still not content, he pollutes Europe with the candidates: Mastella (under investigation) and Pomicino (definitively convicted). Blair’s wife confessed that her husband was terrified of being photographed near to the “nano bandanato” {dwarf with a bandana}. He was frightened of losing his reputation.
The stench of our parliamentarians is ever stronger and in Europe they are starting to take counter-measures. Daily papers like Financial Times, El Pais or Le Figaro describe Italy as a country that is out of control, dangerous. Germany has chosen Magna. Our mafias are an attack on Europe. The only big enterprises that have a strong basis beyond national boundaries. They grow here, and are raised with care. With “ad mafiam” laws and with billions of European funding. A monster is wandering around Europe. It’s called Italy. It is contagious. The breeding ground is in Rome, inside Parliament. The wind blows, the tempest rages.
I don’t know why I’m saying this, but I can feel it on me. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.


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