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Israel’s war crimes…


2 Responses to “Israel’s war crimes…”

  1. My grandfather was at Bergen-Belson at the time of its liberation, and supported the cause of the Palestinians until the day he died. Amira Hass’s mother was at Bergen-Belson and she is one of the strongest critics of Israeli policy, Norman Finkelstein lost most of his family during the Holocaust and was denied tenure for his views on Israel. Those who support Israel’s expansionist policy often use the Holocaust as an excuse. Those who use the past suffering of innocence to justify the deportation and theft of land from other innocent people (who had no connection to the Holocaust) are blatantly spitting in the face of those who died under Nazi fists. The greatest threat to the Israeli people comes from the actions of its own government who have little concern for the well-being of its citizens or the Jewish people.

    • My father was in Dachau, he suffered so much, in his 85 he’s still supporting the Palestinians. Thank you very much indeed for your comment Che! You pointed out so clearly the “double-bind” nature of this problem.

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