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Israeli spy ring busted

From Haaretz.com

Lebanese army colonel arrested on suspicion of spying for Israel


Lebanese security officials say they have arrested an army colonel on suspicion of spying for Israel, the second high-ranking military official detained in less than two weeks. The officials say the colonel was detained a few days ago as part of a stepped-up campaign against suspected spies on behalf of Israel that has produced about three dozen arrests. The first high-ranking military official arrested was also an army colonel who served as a commando officer.

The officials did not provide details on the second colonel arrested. They spoke anonymously on Monday because they were not authorized to release information. Lebanon considers itself at war with Israel, and spying for or collaborating with it can be punishable by death. Lebanon is currently holding approximately 30 suspects in what security sources say is a widening investigation. At least 21 of the suspects have already been charged, some in absentia, and several have confessed, the authorities said. Israel has not commented on the arrests.


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