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Puck the Vatican…with condom

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It’s only possible to understand post-war Italy via the intrigues between the Mafia, the Freemasons, the Vatican and parts of the State that have gone astray. Four worlds that are criss-crossed in the most obscure affairs of our Republic. The book, “Vaticano S.p.A.” {Vatican company Limited} thanks to access that was almost casual to a boundless archive of official documents, explains the role of the Institute for Works of Religion {abbreviated to IOR in Italian) in the first and the second Republic.
Freely translated chunks from the book “Vaticano S.p.A.“:
”…Paul VI entrusted the transfer abroad of shares to a priest and a lay person… already known to Montini when he was Archbishop of Milan. His name is Michele Sindona. He took the capital of the mafias. The priest who can handle finance and is a friend of the USA is called Paul Marcinkus… It’s Sindona himself who presents the banker Roberto Calvi to Marcinkus… The three of them end up manipulating the ups and downs of the Milan Stock Exchange with the Vatican companies that end up with Calvi via Sindona… The Patriarch of Venice, Albino Luciani, is elected Pope. He’s a man of very high moral rigour… the journalist Mino Pecorelli publishes the 121 names of Vatican leaders who are thought to be affiliated to the Freemasons… Luciani intends to do a clean sweep in IOR and transfer everyone: Marcinkus, de Bonis, Mennini, de Strobel. He confides in the Secretary of State, Jean Villot on the evening of 28 September 1978. The following morning, the lifeless body of John Paul I is discovered in his bed… Karol Wojtyla picks up the policies of Paul VI and assures Marcinkus of continuity regarding the financial policies. Calvi’s Ambrosiano bank risks a collapse… it is discovered that the credits of the Ambrosiano relate to the foreign companies connected to the IOR… The Minister of the Treasury, Andreatta organises the liquidation of the Ambrosiano Bank… Marcinkus enjoys the unconditional protection of John Paul II… due above all to the funds for more than 100 million dollars that the Vatican sent to the Polish trades union, Solidarnosc… A triple arrest warrant, issued 20 February 1987 by the Milan magistracy against Marcinkus and the directors of the IOR Luigi Mennini and Pellegrino de Strobel…”
”Is it possible to live in this world without worrying about money? It’s not possible to run the Church with ‘Avemarias’.”
(Monsignor Paul Marcinkus, president of IOR)
“You cannot serve God and Mammon at the same time.”
(Jesus, Gospels of Matthew 6,24 and Luke 16,13)

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