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Enough! Clean up Parliament!

From Beppe Grillo’s Blog

Enough! Clean up Parliament

We’ve had enough! Clean up Parliament!

Members of Parliament cannot represent citizens if they’ve been convicted by the courts.
And if the law allows it, the law needs to be changed.

The thousands of citizens that subscribed to Beppe Grillo’s appeal on his blog www.beppegrillo.it and ask that those convicted of a crime should not represent citizens in any Parliament any more, starting from the European Parliament.

It’s profoundly immoral that they are allowed to represent us.
Below is the list of names of Italian representatives in the Italian and European Parliaments that have been convicted of a crime:

  1. Berruti Massimo Maria (Member of Parliament Forza Italia)
  2. Biondi Alfredo (Member of Parliament Forza Italia)
    The guilty sentence that was given by the Genoa court to Alfredo Biondi was taken away on 28 September 2001 because the crime was abrogated.
  3. Bonsignore Vito (Udc – Member of European Parliament)
  4. Borghezio Mario (Lega Nord – Member of European Parliament)
  5. Bossi Umberto (Lega Nord – Member of European Parliament)
  6. Cantoni Giampiero (Member of Parliament Forza Italia)
  7. Carra Enzo (Member of Parliament Ulivo)
  8. Cirino Pomicino Paolo (Member of Parliament Democrazia Cristiana – Partito Socialista)
  9. De Angelis Marcello (Member of Parliament Alleanza Nazionale)
  10. D’Elia Sergio (Member of Parliament Rosa nel Pugno)
  11. Dell’Utri Marcello (Member of Parliament Forza Italia)
  12. Del Pennino Antonio (Member of Parliament Forza Italia)
  13. De Michelis Gianni (Nuovo Psi – Member of European Parliament)
  14. Farina Daniele (Member of Parliament Rosa nel PRC)
  15. Jannuzzi Lino (Member of Parliament Forza Italia)
  16. La Malfa Giorgio (Member of Parliament mixed group)
  17. Maroni Roberto (Member of Parliament Lega Nord)
  18. Mauro Giovanni (Member of Parliament Forza Italia)
  19. Nania Domenico (An)
  20. Patriciello Aldo (Member of Parliament Udc)
  21. Sterpa Egidio (Member of Parliament Forza Italia)
  22. Tomassini Antonio (Member of Parliament Forza Italia)
  23. Visco Vincenzo (Member of Parliament Ulivo)
  24. Vito Alfredo (Member of Parliament Forza Italia)

Previti Cesare (FI) Target Reach!


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