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HIGHLIGHTS-EU finance ministers’ meeting

Source: Reuters
LUXEMBOURG, June 9 (Reuters) – The following are comments by European Union finance ministers and other officials in connection with their meeting on Tuesday in Luxembourg. For comments from Monday’s talks among euro zone finance ministers, click on [ID:nL7175766] EU MONETARY AFFAIRS COMMISSIONER JOAQUIN ALMUNIA On climate change: “Without a high degree of consensus on how to finance (the fight against) climate change … this strategy will not succeed … our credibility is at stake.” On economy: “Regarding the economic situation and the analysis … the opinions of the Ecofin were very similar … we are still in a very difficult economic situation.” “But at the same time we’re seeing very positive signs … we see that the next quarters will show gradual improvement.” “We are starting to discuss exit strategies. Today we have been paying attention to the elements of these exit strategies, and these discussions will continue.” “Broadly speaking, the measures of the recovery plan are timely, targeted and temporary.” “This means we need to strengthen the coordination of the implementation of those measures and the coordination of the actions required … to start the exit strategy.” CZECH FINANCE MINISTER EDUARD JANOTA On accounting rules: “We do want to engage in a dialogue … with the IASB. The IASB was told we want a level playing field … it is to speed up its work on ISA 39 so a new standard is to be available for closure of accounts in 2009.” On emissions: “There’s been a shift in the position of the European Union. We’re saying clearly the European Union is prepared to do its bit, it’s important to say also that burden-sharing will be based on ability to pay and responsibility for emissions. The European Union is prepared to consider all sorts of financing arrangements, and in the interests of the taxpayer, money has to be spent wisely.” “The EU is prepared to consider all financing arrangements … but we need concrete strategies for a low-carbon future.” On banking sector: “The banking sector remains fragile, and we shall have to deal in the future with the question of impaired assets.” On economy, budgets: “At the moment no further fiscal stimulus is necessary … we agree that the current measures are timely, temporary and targeted.” “We need to make sure these measures are temporary, and we should go back to normal as it were when recovery takes place.” On financial supervision: “We looked in detail at reform of the European supervisory framework.” “We are glad that the Ecofin Council managed to agree on fundamental reform principles, above all that there should be a European systemic risk board … for macro prudential supervision.” “We also agreed on a system of micro prudential supervision, three independent entities.” “We didn’t manage agreement on all powers of the new bodies … but we are not far from reaching a consensus.” “The outstanding questions will be dealt with politically in the European Council.” BRITISH FINANCE MINISTER ALISTAIR DARLING On financial supervision: “The proposal we had in front of us today we were happy to accept in many respects because it talked about having common sense of rules, it talked about us having greater cooperation, making sure that these rules were enforced.” “The thing that concerned us, which we could not live with, was a proposal whereby there might be an agreement reached by regulators at a European level that would have had domestic fiscal consequences for domestic governments. In other words, they might have been able to say to a government ‘you’ve got to do something about a bank’, therefore that government would have had to ask its taxpayers to contribute.” “There is a principle here — that taxation is clearly a matter for member states. It is not a European Union matter. And what we agreed today overall I think is that an awful lot more work is required. But I managed to persuade my colleagues to substantially change the text so that it made clear that in relation to this particular proposal far more work needed to be done but whatever else had happened it should not impinge on the fiscal responsibilities of member states, and that we wanted far more detail as to how the process would work, as to how you might deal with a supervisory problem.” “It (the text) makes the point again and again that the powers will not impinge in any way on member states’ fiscal responsibilities. That is very, very important.” “In terms of process, this is obviously the conclusion of today’s Ecofin meeting. More work needs to be done. It will come back to us. If there is any legislation required … then there is a procedure with the European Parliament and so on.” “We must have greater cooperation between European regulators. We must make sure that we plug the gaps that have become very apparent over the last couple of years. We actually believe we should go further in some respects in dealing with the likes of the Icelandic banks who have branches in the European Union but are actually regulated back in Iceland. And also we think there is still lacking in Europe a resolution procedure by which if a pan-European bank gets into trouble we can try to resolve it.” “In relation to the autonomy of member states to decide on their fiscal position, that to us was a matter of principle. Agreement has been reached on that, we’re happy with it and I think other member states are happy with it as well.” Asked what does he say to critics who say Tuesday’s compromise has weakened the original proposal? “I don’t think it has weakened it.” “On the ECB, what was agreed today was that we would set up a European Fiscal Stability Council. The exact shape and form of that is something we’ve still got to come back to.” On Latvia: “It wasn’t discussed. The present situation in Latvia was simply noted.” On UK economic/political situation: “We have put in place measures in the budget, and before that last November in the pre-budget report, to support the economy, to support people to support businesses. Those measures are now taking effect. And we believe that we will see growth resuming at the turn of the year.” “I think after the election results over the weekend, I think we have to make sure we work hard to rebuild people’s trust to make sure that we can gain the confidence of people in the United Kingdom (and) one of the best ways of doing that is getting on with the job.” “You can be assured that we will continue to do whatever is necessary.” FRENCH ECONOMY MINISTER CHRISTINE LAGARDE On International Accounting Standards Board: “They assured us that they will review rule (IAS) 39 before the end of 2009 in such a way that a definitive rule can be published in November so the banks can use it for their accounts in 2009.” “We will have a revised rule 39 which will put us on a level footing with the American accounting rules … The revised rule 39 will have the relaxation that we wanted.” On financial supervision: “France was satisfied with the changes proposed by the (European) Commission, largely inspired by the de Larosiere report, in particular binding authority for the European supervision authorities.” On banking secrecy: “The text proposed by the (European) Commission was adopted with a few modifications but they do not seem significant to me.” On financial supervision: “We had a long debate with positions that are different on certain points. I think that we reached a compromise on the text which has the support of a large majority of countries on the (European) Commission’s proposal. “A small group of states is worried about the budgetary consequences, particularly the prescriptions that would be made by European authorities — that means the hypothesis where a European authority sets the rules during a crisis and arbitrates a case between two supervisors and where this type of decision has budgetary consequences. “That is a point which clearly bothers several member states. We asked the Commission in its conclusions to ponder this question particularly.”

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