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HITBSecConf2009 Malaysia to Debate Public Security

From NewsWire Today

Tracks and keynote speakers will, for the first time, scrutinize the technology behind public services, physical security of locks and TEMPEST attacks.


HITBSecConf, a premier international security conference is, once again, coming to Asia to host the 7th, annual installment of HITBSecConf event in Malaysia, from October 5-8, 2009.

This year’s convention will yet again bring together some of the most respected mainstream and underground network security experts to dissect not only the latest attack and defence methods for corporate networks, but, for the first time, those relevant to public security as well.

“As governments around the world try to make the interaction between their agencies and people easier and more-efficient through a number of public services brought online daily, there is an ever-increasing need to critically examine the security of these new services”, said Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran, Founder and CEO of Hack In The Box (M) Sdn. Bhd, the company which organises the HITBSecConf series.

“The very technology that is making our lives easier is also exposing us to various risks – from the threat of identity theft to leakage of confidential information. It is therefore imperative to carefully scrutinize the technological foundations for public services and share the findings not only with the organizations that develop them but with the Governments that deploy them and the people who use them”, he added.

This year’s conference will feature four hardcore technical training sessions on the first two days and triple track presentations, hacking competitions and other complementing activities on the third and forth days.

Technical Training Sessions

On the 5th & 6th of October, network security decision makers and managers will be able to sink their teeth in hardcore technical trainings dealing with:

– Web Application (in)Security;
– The Art of Network Based Forensics – Going Beyond Packet Data and;
– The Exploit Laboratory 4.0.

In addition, the government and law enforcement representatives are invited to a closed door training session delving into the Security of ASEAN Locks.

Triple Track Conference
Delegates interested in the conference proceedings taking place on the 7th and 8th will be able to hear from the renowned keynote speakers including:

1. Joe Grand aka Kingpin (President, Grand Idea Studio);
2. Rop Gonggrijp (Hacker and Activist);
3. Ed Skoudis (Co-Founder, InGuardians);
4. The Founders of WikiLeaks (WikiLeaks.org).

On the topic of public services security, of particular interest will be Rop Gonggrijp’s presentation on insecurities within electronic voting systems.

Rop was believed to be a major security threat by authorities in The Netherlands and the USA, following his founding of the organization “Wij vertrouwen stemcomputers niet” (”We do not trust voting computers”) that campaigned against the use of electronic voting systems without a Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail. In 2006, the group demonstrated on Dutch television how an electronic voting machine could easily be hacked and in May 2008, the Dutch government decided that elections in the Netherlands would be held using paper ballots and red pencil only. A proposal to develop a new generation of electronic voting computers was rejected.

The highlight keynote on the final day of the event will be delivered by Wikileaks, a website dedicated to the publication of anonymous submissions of sensitive governmental and corporate documents, while attempting to preserve the anonymity and preventing traceability of its contributors. For its work, Wikileaks recently received the Amnesty International Award for New Media.

This year’s HITB Lab sessions will examine a very unique, new and unconventional approach for remote keystrokes sniffing on laptops and desktop computers. 

These 120 min-long sessions will give some 100 attendees a deeper understanding and practical hands-on experience with TEMPEST attacks – exploiting electro magnetic emissions to gather information data. This is a cool and inexpensive attack, which only asks for access to an electrical grid or a distant line of sight – no expensive hardware necessary.

About Hack in The Box (M) Sdn Bhd/ HITBSecConf (HITB)
Hack In The Box (hackinthebox.org) is the owner and organiser of HITBSecConf, the largest network security conference in Asia and the Middle East. The event is endorsed by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), the Malaysian National Computer Confederation (MNCC) and the Malaysian Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC).

Media Contacts:
Ms. Belinda Choong
Hack In The Box (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Suite 26.3, Level 26, Menara IMC,
No. 8 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
T: +603-20394724
F: +603-20318359.


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