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Internet in Italy: if you can’t control it…close it!

From Beppe Grillo’s Blog


The wiretapping Bill has the potential to shut down the Web. Should this happen, the responsibility for what happens thereafter shall lie squarely with the Government and with Parliament. The Web is the tool, the space, the medium that has allowed millions of Italians to believe in the possibility of democratic change. To elude themselves that they are actually citizens rather than merely subjects. Without the Web and with the television and most of the newspapers firmly in the hands of the psychodwarf and his P2-ist friends and mafia dons, this Country is headed towards an uncontrolled dictatorship and a range of unpredictable social consequences.
Within 48 hours after receiving any request, Website administrators will be obliged to correct any postings, comments, information or any other type of published information. Any failure by bloggers, operators of newsgroups and information sharing platforms and anyone else that could remotely be classified as a “website administrator” will result in a fine amounting to between 15 and 25 million of the old Italian Lire. This or any other blog may be asked to correct any comment, any video published on YouTube or any photograph. The more information you publish, the more corrections you will receive and be obliged to publish. There could even be a situation where someone posts a comment using a nickname and then proceeds to demand a correction.
This is a senseless law and the person that drafted it is either an Internet illiterate or someone that is out to gag the Web. The Blogs run by free information providers such as Martinelli or Byoblu will shut down after the first few fines are imposed, and hundreds of others will be forced to follow suit. I would have to employ 10 people simply to be able to comply with correction requests within 48 hours, and even these may not be enough. In any given year, I would probably have to pay a few million Euro in fines. A law that does not even exist in China or in Burma, conceived to screw any chance there was of freedom of expression. If this law goes through, it will mean the death of the Italian blogosphere. Should this happen, we will make a point of remembering who signed this Bill, who voted in favour of it and who is the one that will eventually countersign the Bill into Law. The Web is not some sort of debutantes’ ball, as these revolutionaries will soon discover. They may never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.


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