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Dell may test Google’s Chrome OS


From PC WORLD NZ The company is also rumoured to be testing the Android operating system. Dell on Friday said it would consider testing Google’s upcoming Chrome operating system, but didn’t commit to offering the Linux-based OS in future products. “Dell constantly assesses new technologies as part of managing our product development process and for […]

Wikipedia ‘shows CIA and Vatican page edits’


From BBC News  15 August 2007 An online tool that claims to reveal the identity of organisations that edit Wikipedia pages has revealed that the CIA was involved in editing entries. Wikipedia Scanner allegedly shows that workers on the agency’s computers made edits to the page of Iran’s president. It also purportedly shows that the […]

Who is Barack Obama?


Internet in Italy: if you can’t control it…close it!


From Beppe Grillo’s Blog The wiretapping Bill has the potential to shut down the Web. Should this happen, the responsibility for what happens thereafter shall lie squarely with the Government and with Parliament. The Web is the tool, the space, the medium that has allowed millions of Italians to believe in the possibility of democratic […]

HITBSecConf2009 Malaysia to Debate Public Security


From NewsWire Today Tracks and keynote speakers will, for the first time, scrutinize the technology behind public services, physical security of locks and TEMPEST attacks. HITBSecConf, a premier international security conference is, once again, coming to Asia to host the 7th, annual installment of HITBSecConf event in Malaysia, from October 5-8, 2009. This year’s convention […]

Canadian Patent Appeal Board Rules Against Business Method Patents


From MichaelGeist Catching up from a column last week (Toronto Star version, homepage version), the Canadian Patent Appeal Board recently denied an appeal by Amazon.com over a “one-click” ordering system patent with strong language that challenged the notion that business method patents are patentable under Canadian law.  Business method patents took off in the U.S. […]

Torvalds proclaims ‘new world order’ with Linux 2.6.30


From The Standard Linux kernel 2.6.30 has been released with hundreds of changes from the previous version, including a new architecture for suspend and resume which Linus Torvalds says switches the kernel to a “new world order”. “Hopefully now done with the suspend/resume irq re-architecting, and have switched to a new world order,” Torvalds announced […]

China embarrasses US in NSA hacking contest


From ComputerWorl UK Programmers from China and Russia have dominated an international competition on everything from writing algorithms to designing components. Whether the outcome of this competition is another sign that math and science education in the US needs improvement may spur debate. But of the 70 finalists in it, 20 were from China, 10 […]

Microsoft reports record number of security flaws


From Reuters BOSTON (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp issued software to fix 31 security flaws in its programs, a single-day record for the company whose products are targeted by hackers because they sit on the vast majority of computers. The patches repair vulnerabilities in Windows, Office and Internet Explorer, as well as key pieces of software […]

Manufacturing Consent III


From Representative Press Warmongers who sold you the Iraq war are pushing for a war with Iran